About Us

Production at CV. Kopi Prabu still uses semi-manual. The process of roasting, sachet, milling and mixing as well as pouch packaging, already uses machines. Meanwhile, the installation of sticker labels on some products still uses human power. However, it has followed the ISO 22000:2018 and HACCP procedures.



Not only brew by Tubruk, Our Products can be brewed by Manual Brew such as V60, Aero Press, French Press, Kalita Wave, Vietnam Drip, Ibrik, etc.

All of Products can be brewed by Espresso Machine, Even few of our products already mixed with Natural Palm Sugar. It shows that our products compatible for all of brewing method.


Koffie Prabu Product Advantages

  • Using only 100% Arabica Kerinci - Robusta Bengkulu coffee and 100% pure palm sugar (not brown sugar/ palm sugar/ coconut sugar.)
  • The best quality coffee taken from the island of Sumatra and Pure Palm Sugar from Java.
  • Does not use any chemicals.
  • The taste of the combination of bitter coffee and palm sugar makes a different bitter taste with a little sweet and sour taste from palm sugar.
  • Coffee is healthy because it uses palm sugar which provides health benefits to the body, such as maintaining healthy skin from VIT. B3, and SELENIUM; facilitate digestion.
  • Can be used with coffee tools, such as French Press, V60, ESPRESSO Machine.